Soy Luna Sezonul 3 Episodul 172 dublat in romana

Soy Luna Sezonul 3 Episodul 172 dublat in romana

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Soy Luna Sezonul 3 Episodul 172 episod online dublat in romana

În sezonul 3 Luna adică Sol Benson va învăța că dragostea învinge distanța.

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  • i+am+6+yr+old

    I IN EVERY EP I WILL DARE HER that is the last comment i will type cos u know i will always DARE HER and the Girl i dare is Amber she was good but shes really like bad and yes is not cool. Thx Mummy for typing this message and yes i am 6 yr old thx mummy for helping typing the messages and really Dare Amber like shes not good girl my mum told me its not good to be Amber cos shes bad so i listened to my Mummy and thx Mummy again for helping me typing this message and I am going to Dare Season 3 cos OF RED SHARK like thats not good i dont like it and yes guys thx for u guys ur so lucky fam like I need to dare her again and again In every ep i am going to dare AMber and her friends (i mean her in the Serial or Movie or something my mum types right now so Amber is good Actor and a fast actor but she plays a bad character so we have to hate her so yes i will dare Amber in evey ep thx for your Understanding and again i will dare Amber and yes thx mUm for typing this and i will DARE HER every day every week every year all my life so thx guys i am out and i will never type here i will just watch the series and i will never comment so thx guys for yours Understanding....Maybe i will coment in the last ep guys

  • Sebi

    Super Tare Faceti Treaba Buna